Amiri /Ajmani/ (M)

Wife:Unknown /Unknown/ ([1701]-)
Darbari /Ajmani/ ([1726]-)

Personal Notes

It is conjectured that the Ajmani ancestors came from the state of Ajman in the United Arab Emerates (UAE). From there, they migrated to Sindh, India (now Pakistan) and settled in the village Cherian Mochian. From there, they further migrated to Pindisatpur, Tehsil, Pind Dadan Khan, Distict Jhelum, Punjab, India (now Pakistan). In 1947, when Pakistan partitioned from India, they further migrated to India: mainly Delhi and Guna, MP, and also other cities. From India, some have further migrated to various cities in USA. By and large, Ajmanis have done well in the areas of medicine, engineering, business, and industry. One of the Ajmanis was the Indian ambassador to Germany and other countries, and also personal assistant to the late Prime Minister Indira Ghandi.

Things to do at Haridwar

Further research can be obtained in Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India from Pundit Bhabhooti Ram Diwan Chand ji (grandson of Tandi Ram ji), who has all the previous ancestors records of Ajmanis.

Work location:
Takhat (table) number 25, Saphed Janda Platform (white flag platform).

Makan (house) number 5, Bhaiyan Bada Bazar, Haridwar

Permanent address:
Pundit Diwan Chand and Mani Kant, President
Imli Mohalla, Kankhal, Haridwar

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