Interface Summary
AeolusSafe AeolusSafe is a marker interface for classes that are safe to share between threads without copying.

Class Summary
AeolusBox<T extends Serializable> This class is used to create share-able objects in Aeolus.
AeolusClosure This class is used to create share-able executable objects in Aeolus.
AeolusFile This class is used to create and manipulate AeolusFiles.
AeolusFileInputStream An Aeolus file input stream can be used for reading data from a given file.
AeolusFileOutputStream An Aeolus file output stream can be used for writing data to a given file.
AeolusFilestreamInfo Stores information about a filestream - file system name - file path - file name - open mode (read, write, read/write) - handle - opened/closed state viq
AeolusLabel An AeolusLabel is a collection of AeolusTags.
AeolusLib This class contains utilities for accessing and manipulating the labels of the current thread; it also provides launch, shutdown, registerService, getService, fork, call, getRoot and setRoot.
AeolusLock Implementation of a shared lock.
AeolusQueue<T extends Serializable> This behaves like the AeolusBox class but is a queue of objects instead.
AeolusSequence<T extends AeolusSafe & Serializable> This class is used to create immutable (non-linked) list share-able objects in Aeolus.
AeolusShared AeolusShared objects reside in shared state.
AeolusTag This class provides AeolusTags.
PID Objects of this class represent principals.

Enum Summary