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(These pictures are all about 200K)

Graduation 1998:

Sameer, Beth, and Yu-Jung

Sameer, Joyce, Jen, Elaine, and Mike Linnetz

Dan, Eli, John Slutsky, Parvoneh, and Greg

Yu-Jung, Sameer, Beth, Han-Yang, Elaine, and Darcie

Yu-Jung, Beth, and Elaine

Spring Formal 1998:

Mike Linnetz, Beth, Rachel, Gilbert, Yizhi, Matt, Drew, and Esther

Tai, Steve, Jen, Kai, Darcie, Marc, Eli, Eric, Mandi, Elaine, and Han-Yang

Erin and Brian

Larry having laughing spasms

Mike laughing at Larry having laughing spasms

Lake Cruise 1998:

Zar, Erich, Beth, Drew, and Esther

Jen, Yizhi, Joyce, and two pirates

Eli, Natalia, and Brian

Sameer and Mandi

Yu-Jung, Melanie, and Jon

Natalia and Eli