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Old Java SDSI (package sdsi)

This distribution is an extension of Alexander Morcos's original Java SDSI implementation. You'll need sdsi.jar and the Cryptix cryptographic provider, cryptix32.jar. You'll also need the Java 1.3 Virtual Machine, JRE 1.3 (I've only tested with Sun's).

You may also want the samples ZIP file, the Java source code, and the javadoc.

This distribution includes the SDSI Certificate Utility, a GUI for creating and managing SDSI certificates. Check out the instructions on how to run and use the utility.

New Java SDSI (package jsdsi)

We've recently reimplemented the Java SDSI API with the following improvements:

JSDSI is currently under development and should be considered unstable and untested.

JSDSI does not yet include a GUI.

JSDSI requires the following software and packages:

You may want to explore the Java source code and the javadoc.