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Due to changes in the Cryptix crypto library, this code no longer compiles (and I can't seem to find the old Cryptix library). If you are interested in using this code, let me know and I may port it to use the new Cryptix library.

This page provides access to the implementation of TEP, a Trusted Execution Platform for multiparty computation. This distribution is provided for those who wish to explore the design.

The Source

The source, makefile, and test scripts for TEP can be found here. Unzip this file in the directory where you want the source to reside. Edit the variables at the top of the make file to match your environment. To build the source, just type make in the root source directory.

This file includes four test programs in the apps subdirectory. To build each of the test programs, type make in each of the directories under the apps directory. The test script t runs each of these programs and outputs timing data.

Several public and private key pairs and a SPKI certificate cache are included in the spki subdirectory. Use the SDSI/SPKI Certificate Tool, described below, to examine this data.

Required Packages

You will need to have each of these JAR files in your CLASSPATH to run TEP:

The Programs

TEP uses a number of programs to implement various features. Each program has its own main class; run them using java at the command line: