Dorothy Curtis

Dorothy is a Research Scientist at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Current Research Interests

Her current research interests are Medical Systems - investigating innovative devices and computer systems issues in healthcare.

Previous Projects

Within Project Oxygen, she worked with handheld devices and in-building location systems, in particular, Cricket.

She did some work in the area of Object Oriented Databases Thor - disconnected operation and notification.

Within the Networks and Mobile Systems Group, she had the opportunity to work on the kernel implementation of Endpoint Congestion Management.

Within the Software, Devices and Systems Group , she studied some software issues related to SpectrumWare and Active Nets . In specific she looked at ANTS and PAN and at the possibility of producing a system that combined the best features of both systems.

While working on mobile communications systems in The Advanced Network Architecture Group , she worked on writing grammars for SLS's voice recognition system. She also worked on a PC router based on a dual processor architecture.

In the Programming Methodology Group , Dorothy developed the compiler for Theta, the object-oriented language used in the Thor database. In her spare time she did some Unix system administration.

PCLU (Portable CLU)

While working in Programming Methodology Group, Dorothy developed a portable version of CLU. CLU is a language that supports data abstraction. PCLU is available by anonymous ftp from the following site.


Dorothy also advises a few Course VI undergraduates. Some of her thoughts on advising are here.

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