Package jsdsi

Interface Summary
Element An element of a Sequence.
Subject A subject of a certificate or an ACL entry.

Class Summary
Acl An access control list (ACL) that restricts access to an object on the local system.
AclEntry An ACL entry that specifies a permission (the Tag) and a set of principals (the Subject) that may access the object protected by this entry's ACL.
Auth A SPKI authorization field: a tag and a propagate flag.
AuthCert A SPKI authorization certificate: conveys a permission (the Tag) from the issuer to the subject.
AuthCertSelector Selects all authorization certificates issued by the given principal.
Cert A single SPKI/SDSI certificate.
Certificate A Cert along with its validators (verification path, signature, and online test results).
CertPath A SPKI certification path: essentially a wrapper around the Proof class.
CertPathBuilder Attempts to create a certification path that satisfies the given parameters: essentially a wrapper around the Prover class and its subclasses.
CertPathBuilderResult The result of a call to the cert path builder: contains the certification path itself.
CertPathBuilderStats Statistics from a cert path builder process.
CertPathParameters Parameters to the cert path builder and validator.
CertPathValidator Checks whether a certification path satisfies certain parameters: essentially a wrapper around Proof.verify().
CertPathValidatorResult The result of a call to the cert path validator: returns true to isOk() if successful; otherwise getCause() returns the cause of the failure.
CertSelector Selects a set of SPKI/SDSI certificates from a CertStore.
CertStore A collection-based certificate store for SPKI/SDSI certificates.
CompatibleCertSelector Selects all certificates whose subject is a name that starts with the specified issuer and string.
ExprTag Distinguishes tags defined by expressions from tags in general (the latter includes Tag.ALL_TAG and Tag.NULL_TAG).
FProver A prover that searches issuer-to-subject.
Hash A cryptographic hash value.
HashOp A hash operation that instructs a verifier to hash an object for later reference.
IssuerCertPathParameters Specifies that the cert path builder should search for a cert path from issuer to subject.
Loader Creates a set of certificates from a flat text file for testing.
MultiMap A one-to-many map: each key is associated with a set of values.
Name A SDSI name: a principal and a sequence of strings.
NameCert A SDSI name certificate: associates a string (a local name) with a Subject in the issuer's local namespace.
NameCertSelector Selects all name certificates issued by the given principal to define the given string.
Obj Common superclass of all SPKI/SDSI objects.
ObjectHash The cryptographic hash of an object.
OneTime An online test that must be performed by the verifier and is only valid at the time the test is executed.
OnlineTest Verifies whether a certificate is valid by contacting an online principal or its agent.
Op An operation instruction for a verifier.
PrefixTag A tag that matches all strings with a given prefix.
Principal A principal: an entity that can define names and can grant and receive authorizations.
Proof A statement (a Cert) and a sequence of Certificates (Certs + validators) that proves that the statement holds.
Prover Given a statement (a Cert) and a CertStore, attempts to construct a Proof that the statement holds using certificates from the store.
Provider A cryptographic provider for SPKI/SDSI and S-expressions.
PublicKey A public key.
PublicKeyHash The cryptographic hash of a public key.
RangeTag A tag that specifies a range of allowed values.
Revalidation Checks whether a certificate appears on a revalidation list.
Revocation Checks whether a certificate appears on a revocation list.
RProver A prover that searches subject-to-issuer.
RSAPublicKey An RSA public key.
Sequence A sequence of SPKI/SDSI objects, typically used to present certs and validators that prove a particular statement.
SetTag A tag that specifies a set of allowed values.
Signature A cryptographic signature.
SimpleTag A tag that contains a string type and a sequence of other tags.
StringTag A tag defined by a simple string.
SubjectCertPathParameters Specifies that the cert path builder should search for a cert path from subject to issuer.
SubjectCertSelector Selects all certificates whose subject is the given subject.
Tag Specifies a particular authorization permission.
Threshold A subject that can delegate authority to any K of N specified subjects.
Util Static utility methods.
Validity A validity period and a set of online tests.

Exception Summary