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Acl - class sdsi.Acl.
The class which implements acl's in SDSI/SPKI 2.0.
Acl.AclEntry - class sdsi.Acl.AclEntry.
Acl.AclEntry(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.Acl.AclEntry
Acl(SexpList, SDSIPrincipal) - Constructor for class sdsi.Acl
Creates a new Acl from a SexpList.
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame$3
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.ErrorDialog
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.ConfirmDialog
add(SDSIObject) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
addProofSequence(Sequence) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
addSelected(DefaultListModel, Class, String) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
addSeqButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
addSeqButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
addSubButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
addSubButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
afterField - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
algo - Variable in class sdsi.SDSISignature
allElementsStrings() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpList
Tests whether all the elements in this SexpList are simple strings or if there is a list.
allows(SDSIPublicKey, Name, Tag) - Method in class sdsi.Acl.AclEntry
answer() - Method in class sdsi.control.ConfirmDialog
anyNull(Object[]) - Method in class sdsi.Utility
arrayOfElements() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpList
Puts all the Sexp's in the list into an array of the correct size and returns it
Auth - class sdsi.Auth.
Auth(SDSIPrincipal, Subject, Tag, boolean, Validity) - Constructor for class sdsi.Auth
Creates a new Auth from an Issuer, a Subject, a Tag, a propagate boolean, and a Validity
Auth(SexpList, SDSIPrincipal) - Constructor for class sdsi.Auth
authPanel - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
authPanel2 - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame


base64Digit - Static variable in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Provides a mapping from integers to the corresponing base-64 digit.
base64ToInt(byte) - Static method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Converts a base-64 digit to its corresponding integer value.
base64ToOctet(byte, byte, byte, byte) - Static method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Translates four base-64 digits into their corresponding three octet values.
beforeField - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
buttonPanel - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
bytesContent() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
Returns the bytes of this SexpString, not including the display hint.


cache - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
canBeQuotedString() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
canBeTokenString() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
Cert - class sdsi.Cert.
The basic class which represents certificates in SDSI/SPKI 2.0.
Cert(SDSIPrincipal, Subject, Tag, boolean, Validity) - Constructor for class sdsi.Cert
Initializes the variables in the Cert, does not set up the SexpList representation.
Cert(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.Cert
Initializes the variables in the Cert, including setting up the SexpList representation.
CertCache - class sdsi.control.CertCache.
CertCache.1 - class sdsi.control.CertCache.1.
CertCache.ReducingPair - class sdsi.control.CertCache.ReducingPair.
CertCache.ReducingPair(Cert, Cert) - Constructor for class sdsi.control.CertCache.ReducingPair
CertCache() - Constructor for class sdsi.control.CertCache
CertCache(InputStream) - Constructor for class sdsi.control.CertCache
certDisplayDefined - Variable in class sdsi.Cert
checkType(Object, Class, String) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
chooseFile1 - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
chooseFile1_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
chooseFile2 - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
chooseFile2_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
clearAllMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
clearAllMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
clearSeqButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
clearSeqButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
clearSubButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
clearSubButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
closureCreateMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
closureCreateMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
ClosureProver - class sdsi.ClosureProver.
Generates a Sequence of signed certificates that derives the given certificate.
ClosureProver() - Constructor for class sdsi.ClosureProver
commentDefined - Variable in class sdsi.Cert
compareTo(SexpString) - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
Compares the string representation of two SexpStrings lexicographically.
compareTo(SimpleString) - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
components - Variable in class sdsi.Tag.TagSet
ConfirmDialog - class sdsi.control.ConfirmDialog.
ConfirmDialog(Frame, String) - Constructor for class sdsi.control.ConfirmDialog
contains(SDSIPublicKey, Name, Tag) - Method in class sdsi.Acl
content - Variable in class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
controls - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
count() - Method in class sdsi.Sequence
create() - Static method in class sdsi.StopOp
create() - Static method in class sdsi.SkipOp
create(Hash) - Static method in class sdsi.ObjectHash
create(int, Subject[]) - Static method in class sdsi.Threshold
create(SexpList) - Static method in class sdsi.SDSIPrivateKey
create(SexpList) - Static method in class sdsi.Op
create(SexpList) - Static method in class sdsi.Cert
Creates a new Cert.
create(SexpList) - Static method in class sdsi.SDSIPublicKey
create(String) - Static method in class sdsi.HashOp
create(String, byte[]) - Static method in class sdsi.Hash
createAuth - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createAuth_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createFrom(SequenceItem[]) - Static method in class sdsi.Sequence
createHashButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createHashButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createMenu - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createName - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createName_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createNameButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createNameButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createObject - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createObject_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createSeqButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createSeqButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createSubButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
createSubButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
creatingPrincipal - Variable in class sdsi.KeyHolder
creatingPrincipal - Variable in class sdsi.Acl
curObjMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
currentDirectory - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
currentListClass - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
currentObject - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
currentObjects - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
currentPrivateKey - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
currentPublicKey - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
currentSequence - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
currentSubjects - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame


data - Variable in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
DEBUG - Variable in class sdsi.Utility
Def - class sdsi.Def.
Def(SDSIPrincipal, String, Subject, Validity) - Constructor for class sdsi.Def
Creates a new Def from an issuer name, a subject, and a Validity
Def(SexpList, Name) - Constructor for class sdsi.Def
Creates a new Def from a SexpList.
delegate - Variable in class sdsi.Cert
delegate - Variable in class sdsi.Acl.AclEntry
details - Variable in class sdsi.control.ErrorDialog
display - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
display - Variable in class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
display() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
displayPanel - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame


elementAt(int) - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpList
Returns the Sexp located at the given index.
elements - Variable in class sdsi.sexp.SexpList
elements() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpList
Returns an enumeration of the elements in the SexpList.
entries - Variable in class sdsi.Acl
equals(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Hash
equals(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.TagExpression
equals(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.SimpleTag
equals(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.StarTag
equals(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.TagStar
equals(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.TagRange
equals(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.TagSet
equals(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.TagPrefix
equals(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.TagByteString
equals(Object) - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
equals(Object) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache.ReducingPair
equals(SexpString) - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
Tests if two SexpStrings are equal.
equals(SimpleString) - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
ErrorDialog - class sdsi.control.ErrorDialog.
ErrorDialog(Frame, String) - Constructor for class sdsi.control.ErrorDialog
ErrorDialog(Frame, String, String) - Constructor for class sdsi.control.ErrorDialog
ErrorDialog(Frame, String, String, String) - Constructor for class sdsi.control.ErrorDialog
execute(SDSIObject) - Method in class sdsi.HashOp
expandNames(Name, Name) - Method in class sdsi.Name
exponent - Variable in class sdsi.SDSIRSAPublicKey
exponent - Variable in class sdsi.SDSIRSAPrivateKey


faulty - Variable in class sdsi.sexp.SexpParseException
file1 - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
file2 - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
fileHashButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
fileHashButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
fileMenu - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
first - Variable in class sdsi.Tag.SimpleTag
fullClosure() - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache


get(Hash) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.StopOp
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.SkipOp
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.Threshold
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.SDSISecretKey
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.Sequence
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.SDSISignature
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPrivateKey
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.Op
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.ObjectHash
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.KeyHolder
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.Def
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.Auth
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.Hash
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.Tag
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.Name
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPublicKey
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
Returns a single or double letter abbreviation this SDSIObject.
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.Acl
getAbbreviation() - Method in class sdsi.Acl.AclEntry
getAlgID() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPublicKey
getAlgorithm() - Method in class sdsi.HashOp
getAlgorithm() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIRSAPublicKey
getAlgorithm() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIRSAPrivateKey
getAlgorithm() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPrivateKey
getAlgorithm() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPublicKey
getAuths(SDSIPrincipal, Tag) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
getCanonLen() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
getCanonLen() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
getCanonLen() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Calculates the length of the canonical representation of this S-expression.
getCanonLen() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpList
getCanonRep() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
getCanonRep() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
getCanonRep() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Generates the canonical representation of this S-expression.
getCanonRep() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpList
getDate(SexpString) - Static method in class sdsi.Validity
getDate(String) - Static method in class sdsi.Validity
getDefs(SDSIPrincipal, String) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
getDelegate() - Method in class sdsi.Auth
getDisplayName(SDSIPrincipal, SDSIObject) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
getEncoded() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPrivateKey
getEncoded() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPublicKey
getExponent() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIRSAPublicKey
getExponent() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIRSAPrivateKey
getFilename(String, int) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
getFormat() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPrivateKey
getFormat() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPublicKey
getHash() - Method in class sdsi.Hash
getHash() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
getHash(MessageDigest) - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
Returns the hash of this SDSIObject.
getHashID() - Method in class sdsi.Hash
getHashOfObject() - Method in class sdsi.SDSISignature
getHashOfObject() - Method in class sdsi.ObjectHash
getHashValue() - Method in class sdsi.Hash
getIssuer() - Method in class sdsi.Cert
Returns the issuer of this Cert.
getIssuerKey(Cert) - Method in class sdsi.Utility
getIssuerSig(Cert) - Method in class sdsi.Utility
getIssuerSig(Cert) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
getKey(Hash) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
getKey(SDSIPrincipal) - Method in class sdsi.Utility
getKey(SDSIPrincipal) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
getModulus() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIRSAPublicKey
getModulus() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIRSAPrivateKey
getName() - Method in class sdsi.Def
getNameFor(SDSIPrincipal, SDSIPrincipal) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
getNameIndex(int) - Method in class sdsi.Name
getNames() - Method in class sdsi.Name
getNameString() - Method in class sdsi.Def
getObject() - Method in class sdsi.KeyHolder
getObjects() - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
getOpcode() - Method in class sdsi.Op
getPrincipal() - Method in class sdsi.SDSISignature
getPrincipal() - Method in class sdsi.Name
getPrivateExponent() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIRSAPrivateKey
getPublicExponent() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIRSAPublicKey
getReadableLen() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
getReadableLen() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
getReadableLen() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
getReadableLen() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpList
getReducee() - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache.ReducingPair
getReducer() - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache.ReducingPair
getReducingPairs(Cert) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
getSequence(Vector) - Method in class sdsi.Utility
getSexp() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpParseException
getSignatures(SDSIObject) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
getSignatureValue() - Method in class sdsi.SDSISignature
getSrep() - Method in class sdsi.Validity
getSrep() - Method in interface sdsi.SequenceItem
getSrep() - Method in interface sdsi.Subject
getSrep() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
Returns the S-Expression of this SDSIObject in canonical form as a SexpList
getSubject() - Method in class sdsi.Cert
Returns the subject of this Cert.
getSubject() - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame.SubjectField
getSubjectKey(Cert) - Method in class sdsi.Utility
getSubjects() - Method in class sdsi.Threshold
getTag() - Method in class sdsi.Auth
getThreshold() - Method in class sdsi.Threshold
getTokens(String) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
getTotal() - Method in class sdsi.Threshold
getType() - Method in class sdsi.Threshold
getType() - Method in class sdsi.SDSISecretKey
getType() - Method in class sdsi.Sequence
getType() - Method in class sdsi.SDSISignature
getType() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPrivateKey
getType() - Method in class sdsi.Op
getType() - Method in class sdsi.ObjectHash
getType() - Method in class sdsi.Def
getType() - Method in class sdsi.Auth
getType() - Method in class sdsi.Hash
getType() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPublicKey
getType() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
Returns a short string that represents the type of this SDSIObject.
getType() - Method in class sdsi.Acl
getType() - Method in class sdsi.Acl.AclEntry
getType() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpList
Returns a string representing the first elemenent in the list.
getURI() - Method in class sdsi.SDSISecretKey
Returns the URI of the SecretKey if there is one.
getURI() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPrivateKey
getURI() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPublicKey
getValidity() - Method in class sdsi.Cert
getValidity(Sequence) - Method in class sdsi.Utility


Hash - class sdsi.Hash.
Hash(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.Hash
Creates a new Hash from a S-expression list.
Hash(String, byte[]) - Constructor for class sdsi.Hash
Hash(String, SDSIObject) - Constructor for class sdsi.Hash
hashChoice - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
hashCode() - Method in class sdsi.Hash
hashCode() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
hashCode() - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache.ReducingPair
hashFile() - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
hashItemName - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
hashObject() - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
hashOfObject - Variable in class sdsi.SDSISignature
HashOp - class sdsi.HashOp.
HashOp(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.HashOp
hexDigit - Static variable in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Provides a mapping from integers to the corresponding hexadecimal digit.


identityLabel - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
identityText - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
incrementalClosure(Cert) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
insertSelected(JList, DefaultListModel, Class, String) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
insertSeqButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
insertSeqButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
insertSubButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
insertSubButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
intersect(Tag.TagExpression) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.TagExpression
intersect(Tag.TagExpression) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.SimpleTag
intersect(Tag.TagExpression) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.TagStar
intersect(Tag.TagExpression) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.TagRange
intersect(Tag.TagExpression) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.TagSet
intersect(Tag.TagExpression) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.TagPrefix
intersect(Tag.TagExpression) - Method in class sdsi.Tag.TagByteString
intersect(Tag) - Method in class sdsi.Tag
intersectWith(Tag) - Method in class sdsi.Tag
intersectWith(Validity) - Method in class sdsi.Validity
isBase64Digit(int) - Static method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Tests if a character is a base 64 digit.
isDecimalDigit(int) - Static method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Tests if a character is a decimal digit.
isHexDigit(int) - Static method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Tests if a character is a hexadecimal digit.
isReducing() - Method in class sdsi.Cert
isRestricted() - Method in class sdsi.Validity
issuer - Variable in class sdsi.Cert
issuerKey - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
issuerName - Variable in class sdsi.Def
issuerNButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
issuerNButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
issuerNSelect - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
issuerPButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
issuerPButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
issuerPSelect - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
issuerVButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
issuerVButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
issuerVSelect - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
isTokenChar(int) - Static method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Tests if a character is a token character.
isWhiteSpace(int) - Static method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Tests if a character is whitespace.
itemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame


KeyHolder - class sdsi.KeyHolder.
KeyHolder(SexpList, SDSIPrincipal) - Constructor for class sdsi.KeyHolder
keysCreateMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
keysCreateMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame


length_bytes - Variable in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
listCurrentClass(Class) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
loadFileMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
loadFileMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
loadIdentity - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
loadIdentity_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
loadSeqButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
loadSeqButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
loadSubButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
loadSubButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
lowerLimit - Variable in class sdsi.Tag.TagRange


main - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
main(String[]) - Static method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
mainMenuBar - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
matches(SDSIObject) - Method in class sdsi.SDSISignature
members - Variable in class sdsi.Sequence
members() - Method in class sdsi.Sequence
modulus - Variable in class sdsi.SDSIRSAPublicKey
modulus - Variable in class sdsi.SDSIRSAPrivateKey
mouseClicked(MouseEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame$2


Name - class sdsi.Name.
Name(SDSIPrincipal, String[]) - Constructor for class sdsi.Name
Creates a new name from an issuer and the list of names to follow
Name(SexpList, SDSIPrincipal) - Constructor for class sdsi.Name
nameIssuerKey - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
namePanel - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
names - Variable in class sdsi.Name
nameShown - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
namesPSelect - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
namesVSelect - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
nameText - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
newObject - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
notAfterDate - Variable in class sdsi.Validity
notBeforeDate - Variable in class sdsi.Validity


ObjectHash - class sdsi.ObjectHash.
ObjectHash(Hash) - Constructor for class sdsi.ObjectHash
ObjectHash(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.ObjectHash
objectList - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
objectMenu - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
objectToHash - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
objHashButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
objHashButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
ohashCreateMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
ohashCreateMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
ok - Variable in class sdsi.control.ErrorDialog
okp - Variable in class sdsi.control.ErrorDialog
onChain(Vector, SDSIObject) - Method in class sdsi.Utility
onStack(Stack, SDSIObject) - Method in class sdsi.Utility
Op - class sdsi.Op.
Op(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.Op
Creates a new Op from a S-expression list.
OPCODE - Static variable in class sdsi.StopOp
OPCODE - Static variable in class sdsi.HashOp
OPCODE - Static variable in class sdsi.SkipOp
owner - Variable in class sdsi.Name


panelAuths - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelCerts - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelCommon - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelFiles - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelHash - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelIdentity - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelITop - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelName - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelNames - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelObjects - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelObjList - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelPBottom - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelPControl - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelProve - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelPSelect - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelPTop - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelSequence - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelTemp - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelThreshold - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelVBottom - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelVControl - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelVerify - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelVSelect - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
panelVTop - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
parent - Variable in class sdsi.control.ErrorDialog
parse(PushbackInputStream) - Static method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Parses an S-expression out of the input stream.
parse(Sexp) - Static method in class sdsi.Tag.TagExpression
parse(SexpList) - Static method in class sdsi.Tag.StarTag
parseItem(SexpList) - Method in class sdsi.Cert
Parses a sub-list within the S-expression, this routine is called by the sub-class constructors.
popStack(Stack) - Method in class sdsi.Utility
prefix - Variable in class sdsi.Tag.TagPrefix
prefixNamesOf(Name) - Method in class sdsi.Name
principal - Variable in class sdsi.SDSISignature
principalParse(SexpList, SDSIPrincipal) - Static method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
Generates the SDSI object that is represented by the SexpList in the argument.
processTag() - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
proofCreateMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
proofCreateMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
proofSequence - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
propagate - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
prove(CertCache, Cert) - Method in class sdsi.ClosureProver
proveAuth(CertCache, SDSIPrincipal, String[], Tag, Subject) - Method in class sdsi.SearchProver
Looks in the given cache for a proof that the tag can propagate from the issuer (with optional names) to the target subject.
proveButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
proveButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
proveDef(CertCache, SDSIPrincipal, String[], Subject) - Method in class sdsi.SearchProver
Looks in the given cache for a proof that the given issuer and names are bound to the target subject.
pushStack(Stack, SDSIObject) - Method in class sdsi.Utility


quitMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
quitMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame


readFrom(InputStream) - Static method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
Reads a SDSIObject from an input stream, assumes creating principal is null.
readFrom(InputStream, SDSIPrincipal) - Static method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
Reads a SDSIObject from an input stream
reduce() - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache.ReducingPair
reduce(Cert) - Method in class sdsi.Def
reduce(Cert) - Method in class sdsi.Cert
reduce(Cert) - Method in class sdsi.Auth
reducedTag(Tag) - Method in class sdsi.Cert
reducedValidity(Validity) - Method in class sdsi.Cert
reduces(Cert) - Method in class sdsi.Def
reduces(Cert) - Method in class sdsi.Cert
reduces(Cert) - Method in class sdsi.Auth
remove(SDSIObject) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache
removeObjectMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
removeObjectMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
removeSelected(JList, DefaultListModel) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
removeSeqButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
removeSeqButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
removeSubButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
removeSubButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
replaceNames(Name, Name, SDSIPrincipal) - Method in class sdsi.Name
rest - Variable in class sdsi.Tag.SimpleTag
rightPanel - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame


s - Variable in class sdsi.Cert
s - Variable in class sdsi.Acl.AclEntry
sameAs(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Threshold
sameAs(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Sequence
sameAs(Object) - Method in class sdsi.SDSISignature
sameAs(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Def
sameAs(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Cert
sameAs(Object) - Method in class sdsi.Name
sameAs(Object) - Method in interface sdsi.Subject
sameAs(Object) - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPrincipal
sameAs(Object) - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
sameNameAs(Name) - Method in class sdsi.Name
sameNamesAs(Name) - Method in class sdsi.Name
samePrincipalAs(SDSIPrincipal) - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPrincipal
saveAllMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
saveAllMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
saveSelectedMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
saveSelectedMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
sdsi - package sdsi
SDSI_TYPE - Static variable in class sdsi.Threshold
sdsi.control - package sdsi.control
sdsi.sexp - package sdsi.sexp
SDSIException - exception sdsi.SDSIException.
SDSIException() - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIException
SDSIException(String) - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIException
SDSIMainFrame - class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame.
SDSIMainFrame.SubjectField - class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame.SubjectField.
SDSIMainFrame.SubjectField(int) - Constructor for class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame.SubjectField
SDSIMainFrame() - Constructor for class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
SDSIMainFrame$1 - class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame$1.
SDSIMainFrame$1(SDSIMainFrame) - Constructor for class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame$1
SDSIMainFrame$2 - class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame$2.
SDSIMainFrame$2(SDSIMainFrame) - Constructor for class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame$2
SDSIMainFrame$3 - class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame$3.
SDSIMainFrame$3(SDSIMainFrame) - Constructor for class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame$3
SDSIObject - class sdsi.SDSIObject.
Class to represent SDSI objects.
SDSIObject() - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIObject
SDSIObject(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIObject
Creates a new SDSIObject from a SexpList.
SDSIPrincipal - class sdsi.SDSIPrincipal.
SDSIPrincipal() - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIPrincipal
SDSIPrincipal(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIPrincipal
SDSIPrivateKey - class sdsi.SDSIPrivateKey.
SDSIPrivateKey() - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIPrivateKey
SDSIPrivateKey(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIPrivateKey
Creates a new Private Key from a S-expression list.
SDSIPublicKey - class sdsi.SDSIPublicKey.
SDSIPublicKey() - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIPublicKey
SDSIPublicKey(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIPublicKey
Creates a new Public Key from a S-expression list.
SDSIRSAPrivateKey - class sdsi.SDSIRSAPrivateKey.
SDSIRSAPrivateKey(RSAPrivateKey) - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIRSAPrivateKey
SDSIRSAPrivateKey(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIRSAPrivateKey
SDSIRSAPublicKey - class sdsi.SDSIRSAPublicKey.
SDSIRSAPublicKey(RSAPublicKey) - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIRSAPublicKey
SDSIRSAPublicKey(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSIRSAPublicKey
SDSISecretKey - class sdsi.SDSISecretKey.
The class which represents secret keys in SDSI.
SDSISecretKey(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSISecretKey
Creates a new SecretKey from a SexpList.
SDSISignature - class sdsi.SDSISignature.
SDSISignature(SDSIObject, SDSIPrivateKey, SDSIPublicKey) - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSISignature
SDSISignature(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.SDSISignature
Search - class sdsi.Search.
SearchProver - class sdsi.SearchProver.
Finds the proof of a property in a CertCache without taking a closure.
SearchProver() - Constructor for class sdsi.SearchProver
Sequence - class sdsi.Sequence.
Sequence(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.Sequence
SequenceItem - interface sdsi.SequenceItem.
sequenceList - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
sequenceVButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
sequenceVButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
sequenceVSelect - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
setSubject(Subject) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame.SubjectField
Sexp - class sdsi.sexp.Sexp.
Abstract class to represent S-expressions.
Sexp() - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
SexpException - exception sdsi.sexp.SexpException.
This exception is used to signify an error when parsing an input stream into a Sexp.
SexpException() - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SexpException
SexpException(String) - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SexpException
SexpList - class sdsi.sexp.SexpList.
This class is used to represent S-Expressions which are not simple byte-strings.
SexpList(PushbackInputStream) - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SexpList
Create a new SexpList by parsing an S-Expression out of the input stream.
SexpList(Sexp[]) - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SexpList
Create a new SexpList containing all the Sexp's given in the array.
SexpParseException - exception sdsi.sexp.SexpParseException.
This exception is used to signify an error when parsing an Sexp into a SDSI Object.
SexpParseException() - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SexpParseException
SexpParseException(String) - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SexpParseException
SexpParseException(String, Sexp) - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SexpParseException
SexpString - class sdsi.sexp.SexpString.
This class represents simple S-Expressions.
SexpString(byte[]) - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
Create a new SexpString with no display-hint and content equal to the byte array given.
SexpString(PushbackInputStream) - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
Create a new SexpString by parsing an S-Expression out of the input stream.
SexpString(String) - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
Create a new SexpString with no display-hint and content equal to the String given.
SexpString(String, byte[]) - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
Create a new SexpString with the given display-hint and content.
SexpString(String, String) - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
Create a new SexpString with the given display-hint and content.
showDetails - Variable in class sdsi.control.ErrorDialog
sig - Variable in class sdsi.SDSISignature
sign(Signature) - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
Updates a signature with the canonical representation of this SDSIObject.
signaturesMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
signaturesMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
signObject() - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
SimpleString - class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString.
SimpleString(byte[]) - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
Creates a new Simple string containing data
SimpleString(PushbackInputStream) - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
Given an input stream, this parses off the first simple string S-expression from the input stream.
SimpleString(String) - Constructor for class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
Creates a new Simple string containing data
size() - Method in class sdsi.Name
size() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpList
Returns the number of elements in this list
SkipOp - class sdsi.SkipOp.
SkipOp(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.SkipOp
srep - Variable in class sdsi.SDSIObject
startsWith(SexpString) - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
Tests if the string representation of this SexpString starts with the string representation of another SexpString.
startsWith(SimpleString) - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
statusLabel - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
statusText - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
StopOp - class sdsi.StopOp.
StopOp(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.StopOp
strictlyGreater - Variable in class sdsi.Tag.TagRange
strictlyLess - Variable in class sdsi.Tag.TagRange
stringCompare - Variable in class sdsi.Tag.TagRange
stringContent() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
Returns the SexpString as a String, without the display hint.
Subject - interface sdsi.Subject.
subjectChoices - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
subjectChoices_ItemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
subjectShown - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
subjectsList - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame


t - Variable in class sdsi.Cert
t - Variable in class sdsi.Tag
t - Variable in class sdsi.Acl.AclEntry
Tag - class sdsi.Tag.
Tag.SimpleTag - class sdsi.Tag.SimpleTag.
Tag.SimpleTag(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.Tag.SimpleTag
Tag.StarTag - class sdsi.Tag.StarTag.
Tag.StarTag() - Constructor for class sdsi.Tag.StarTag
Tag.TagByteString - class sdsi.Tag.TagByteString.
Tag.TagByteString(SexpString) - Constructor for class sdsi.Tag.TagByteString
Tag.TagExpression - class sdsi.Tag.TagExpression.
Tag.TagExpression() - Constructor for class sdsi.Tag.TagExpression
Tag.TagPrefix - class sdsi.Tag.TagPrefix.
Tag.TagPrefix(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.Tag.TagPrefix
Tag.TagRange - class sdsi.Tag.TagRange.
Tag.TagRange(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.Tag.TagRange
Tag.TagSet - class sdsi.Tag.TagSet.
Tag.TagSet(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.Tag.TagSet
Tag.TagStar - class sdsi.Tag.TagStar.
Tag.TagStar() - Constructor for class sdsi.Tag.TagStar
Tag() - Constructor for class sdsi.Tag
Tag(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.Tag
Tag(String) - Constructor for class sdsi.Tag
tagField - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
tagPSelect - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
tagVSelect - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
targetPButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
targetPButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
targetPSelect - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
targetSubject - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
targetVButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
targetVButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
targetVSelect - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
Threshold - class sdsi.Threshold.
Threshold(SexpList) - Constructor for class sdsi.Threshold
thresholdText - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
toBase64String() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
toHexString() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
topPanel - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
topStack(Stack) - Method in class sdsi.Utility
toQuotedString() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
toReadableString(int) - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
Returns a string representing this SDSIObject encoded as an S-Expression.
toReadableString(int, int, int) - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpString
toReadableString(int, int, int) - Method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Returns a readable string representation of this S-expression.
toReadableString(int, int, int) - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SexpList
toReadableStringBuffer() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.Threshold
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.SDSISecretKey
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.Sequence
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.SDSISignature
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIRSAPublicKey
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPrivateKey
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.Op
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.ObjectHash
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.KeyHolder
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.Def
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.Auth
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.Hash
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.Tag
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.Name
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIPublicKey
toShortString() - Method in interface sdsi.Subject
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
Returns a short descriptive string representing this SDSIObject.
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.Acl
toShortString() - Method in class sdsi.Acl.AclEntry
toString() - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
Returns a string of this SDSIObject represented in canonical form.
toString() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Returns a string representation of this S-expression.
toString(byte[]) - Static method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Converts an array of bytes to a String.
toTokenString() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
toVerbatimString() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.SimpleString
toVerbatimString() - Method in class sdsi.sexp.Sexp
Returns a string representation of the canonical form of this S-expression.


update(SexpList) - Method in class sdsi.Validity
update(Validity) - Method in class sdsi.Validity
updateAfter(Date) - Method in class sdsi.Validity
updateBefore(Date) - Method in class sdsi.Validity
updateStrings(String, String) - Method in class sdsi.Validity
upperLimit - Variable in class sdsi.Tag.TagRange
Utility - class sdsi.Utility.
Utility() - Constructor for class sdsi.Utility


v - Variable in class sdsi.Acl.AclEntry
valid - Variable in class sdsi.Cert
valid() - Method in class sdsi.Cert
Tests if the Cert is currently valid.
valid() - Method in class sdsi.Validity
Validity - class sdsi.Validity.
Validity() - Constructor for class sdsi.Validity
validStack(Stack) - Method in class sdsi.Utility
value - Variable in class sdsi.Tag.TagByteString
valueChanged(ListSelectionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame$1
Verifier - class sdsi.Verifier.
Verifies proof sequences for permissions and name bindings.
Verifier() - Constructor for class sdsi.Verifier
verify(SDSIPublicKey, SDSIObject) - Method in class sdsi.SDSISignature
verifyAuth(Sequence, SDSIPublicKey, String[], Tag, Subject) - Method in class sdsi.Verifier
Checks if the given sequence proves that the tag propagates from the issuer (with optional names) to the target.
verifyButton - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
verifyButton_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
verifyDef(Sequence, SDSIPublicKey, String[], Subject) - Method in class sdsi.Verifier
Checks if the given sequence proves that the issuer binds names to the target.
versionDefined - Variable in class sdsi.Cert
viewAuthsMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
viewAuthsMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
viewDefsMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
viewDefsMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
viewKeysMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
viewKeysMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
viewMenu - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
viewSeqsMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
viewSeqsMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
viewSigsMenuItem - Variable in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame
viewSigsMenuItem_Action(ActionEvent) - Method in class sdsi.control.SDSIMainFrame


writeCanonical(OutputStream) - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
Writes this SDSIObject to an output stream in canonical form
writeReadable(OutputStream) - Method in class sdsi.SDSIObject
Writes this SDSIObject to an output stream in readable form
writeTo(OutputStream) - Method in class sdsi.control.CertCache


_cache - Variable in class sdsi.Utility
_hash - Variable in class sdsi.SDSIObject
_modified - Variable in class sdsi.SDSIObject

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