Secure Software Distribution System

``Secure Software Distribution System'' by T. Bartoletti, L. A. Dobbs, and M. Kelley. In Proc. 20th NIST-NCSC National Information Systems Security Conf., 1997, pp. 191-201.
Keywords: Security, Distributed, Software Management
Annotation: Authenticating and upgrading system software plays a critical role in information security, yet practical tools for assessing and installing software are lacking in today's marketplace. the Secure Software Distribution System (SSDS) will provide automated analysis, notification, distribution, and installation of security patches and related software to network-based computer systems in a vendor-independent fashion. SSDS will assist with the authentication of software by comparing the system's objects with the patch's objects. SSDS will monitor vendors' patch sites to determine when new patches are released and will upgrade system software on target systems automatically. This paper describes the design of SSDS. Motivations behind the project, the advantages of SSDS over existing tools as well as the current status of the project are also discussed.

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Sameer Ajmani