A Dynamic Reconfiguration Service for CORBA

``A Dynamic Reconfiguration Service for CORBA'' by C. Bidan, V. Issarny, T. Saridakis, and A. Zarras. In 4th Intl. Conf. on Configurable Dist. Systems, (Annapolis, MD), May 1998, pp. 35-42.
Annotation: Defines a Dynamic Reconfiguration Manager (DRM) that coordinates reconfigurations in Aster, a CORBA-based distributed system. Builds on reconfiguration work in Polylith (Hofmeister and Purtilo, 1993). Like that work, the DRM passivates links between objects before reconfiguring them and transfers state to initialize new versions. The authors define formal consistency and efficiency constraints for reconfiguration, and argue that their reconfiguration algorithm is optimally efficient (i.e., causes minimal disruption).

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Sameer Ajmani