Reconfiguration in Argus

``Reconfiguration in Argus'' by Toby Bloom and Mark Day. In Intl. Workshop on Configurable Dist. Systems, (London, England), Mar. 1992, pp. 176-187. Also in [swej93mar], pages 102-108.
Annotation: Defines a correctness condition for reconfiguration: ``continuation abstractions are preserved or invisibly extended by a replacement.'' That is, module (guardian) replacements must be backward (upward) compatible and must continue the behavior of the original module (e.g., by transferring the old module's state). Reconfiguration quiesces the modules to be replaced; client transactions on those modules abort. The authors describe two kinds of upgrading infrastructures: system-supported replacement (SSR) and application-level replacement (ALR). SSR requires hooks in the Argus system to allow replacement and an additional indirection on handler calls. ALR requires participation by designers of modules and clients of modules to support upgrades.

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Sameer Ajmani