On-line Maintenance with On-the-fly Software Replacement

``On-line Maintenance with On-the-fly Software Replacement'' by Steffen Hauptmann and Josef Wasel. In 3rd Intl. Conf. on Configurable Dist. Systems, (Annapolis, MD), May 1996, pp. 70-80.
Annotation: Supports replacement of modules, called ``actors'', in the Chorus real-time OS. Actors can contain several threads and provide an interface composed of several communication ports. The replacement approach does not depend on specially-written apps; instead, app code is modified to make the app replaceable. The authors claim that most of this modification can be done automatically. Modifications include (1) adding a thread to run the replacement, (2) adding state capture/restore functions at exchange points (places where threads can block), (3) addings handlers for aborted system calls, (4) adding instructions to restore the call stack after replacement.

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Sameer Ajmani