Surgeon: A Packager for Dynamically Reconfigurable Distributed Applications

``Surgeon: A Packager for Dynamically Reconfigurable Distributed Applications'' by C. Hofmeister, E. White, and J. Purtilo. In Intl. Workshop on Configurable Dist. Systems, (London, England), Mar. 1992, pp. 164-175. Also in [swej93mar], pages 95-101.
Annotation: Describes a way to package an upgrade to software components in a distributed system. Packaging analyzes interface bindings, determines how components should be integrated, generates interface software to connect components, and creates configuration commands to build the application. A ``catalyst'' module on each node actually runs reconfigurations using a package (cf. the UL). Packaging may require component participation to save the state, transform state, restart the component, or delay upgrades until a suitable point (so that consistency can be maintained). The authors categorize the kinds of components that can be reconfigured without any such participation: these are those modules that neither require state transfer, nor special initialization, nor synchronization with other modules.

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Sameer Ajmani