A Model for Versioning of Classes in Object-Oriented Databases

``A Model for Versioning of Classes in Object-Oriented Databases'' by Simon Monk and Ian Sommerville. In Proceedings of BNCOD 10, (Aberdeen), 1992, pp. 42-58.
Annotation: Presents a model for class (schema) versioning in OODBs. Schema versioning is different from schema modification: modification has a single logical schema that is updated, e.g., by changing a class definition. All instances of the class are eventually (eagerly or lazily) updated. In versioning, every change to a class results in a new version. Each instance is created using a given version. This version never changes, i.e., an instance never transforms to a new version. The author's model uses ``update'' and ``backdate'' methods to convert method/field accesses up and down versions. This is more flexible than ENCORE [skarra86management, zdonik86maintaining] because it allows accesses to have different semantics in each version. This system also stores old values that are removed in later versions.

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Sameer Ajmani