System Support for Online Reconfiguration

``System Support for Online Reconfiguration'' by Craig A. N. Soules, Jonathan Appavoo, Kevin Hui, Robert W. Wisniewski, Dilma Da Silva, Gregory R. Ganger, Orran Krieger, Michael Stumm, Marc Auslander, Michal Ostrowski, Bryan Rosenburg, and Jimi Xenidis. In Proc. of the Usenix Technical Conference, 2003.
Annotation: Implements dynamic interposition and hot-swapping for components in the K42 operating system. In the common case, nothing is interposed; interposers installed dynamically by modifying a call indirection table. Interposition can add wrappers to a component that can take action before and after each call to the component, like a profiler. Interposition also enables hot-swapping: an interposed Mediator blocks new calls to the component, lets the old calls drain, transfers state to the new component, then unblocks the calls. This scheme depends on the fact that requests to a component are short-lived, and this kind of component change is called Read-Copy Update (RCU).

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Sameer Ajmani